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FSQ Sports Training
Est. 2009
As a successful athlete and through the many years of training and working with athletes, Tim Cortazzo envisioned an environment that would be conducive to assisting athletes in reaching their full potential.  Using his knowledge, energy, endless enthusiasm, and passion for Sports Performance, FSQ (First Step Quickness) was founded.
FSQ is designed to provide a positive performance atmosphere from our “Youth Training” program to the “Professional Athlete” program. Our goal is to develop the athlete using tools beneficial in improving speed, power, and lateral movement. Our participants train in age specific groups while emphasizing the importance of individual responsibility and commitment to their own development. Workouts are designed utilizing specific drills and exercises that help each individual reach their training goals. FSQ believes that all athletes need to be directed toward a path that enables them to be successful. Our programs utilize the basic fundamental skills needed to assist the athlete in maximizing their genetic and athletic potential.
FSQ has helped train over 1,000 different athletes ranging from Professional to Youth League! 
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