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Sports Performance 
Our Sports Performance programs are designed with one thing in mind: THE ATHLETE.  We take pride in developing our athletes to reach their maximum potential with a focus on keeping them healthy and on the playing field. Find which program works best for you!  
Programs Offered



-"First Step" Youth Training Camp  (Ages 7-9)(Boys & Girls)

Designed to improve coordination, movement, and general fitness in a fun, positive, challenging atmosphere. Our Youth Training program is not a year round program. We offer camps 3-4 times per year.

- "Junior Varsity" (Ages 10-14)(Boys & Girls)

The JV Program is designed to introduce the athlete to speed & agility training as well as strength training. We will focus on developing a great foundation for the athlete and progress the program as the athlete progresses. This is the perfect time for an athlete to get involved with training at FSQ. 

Benefits of training at this age include:

- Developing confidence

- Strengthening bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments which will help reduce risk of injury now and in the future.

- Lay a great foundation for healthy habits which they will use throughout their lifetime

- Lay a great foundation for training. Kids should be learning how to train from qualified, experienced coaches rather than seeing how much weight they can lift with their friends. 

- "Varsity" (Ages 15-18)(Boys & Girls

The Varsity Program is designed to prepare each athlete for the rigors of their sport. We will work on maximizing each athlete's athletic and genetic potential to help them compete at the highest level of high school athletics. We offer programs for ALL sports and train each athlete for their specified sport.  


- "College Elite" (Men and Women separated)

Our collegiate program is designed for athletes playing at the next level.  We will make sure you are prepared for when you step back on to your college campus. Programs are offered throughout summer, spring break, and winter break. We also have programs year round for local college athletes. You won't find a better college training program in the area. 

- "Professional Athlete" (Small Group/Personal Training)

Offseason / NFL Combine / Pro Day

We have worked with Professional Athletes of all different sports. Our training programs will be designed custom to you and your needs as an athlete. Our focus is to continue to develop speed, strength, power, and athleticism while emphasizing the importance of career longevity. 

- "TEAM Training"

Bring your whole team into the FSQ Facility or we can come to you! Our TEAM Training programs are designed specifically for each team to help give your squad the advantage. Call for a quote. 


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