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"I started with FSQ a few years ago, and it has helped me in every aspect athletically. From improving my speed and strength, it  has made me a better player all around. It also prepared me to play college football at the highest level. The college training programs at RMU are extremely similar to what we do at FSQ so I am ahead in the weight room. I cannot thank these guys enough for what they do for us."
Jonah Lisbon, Robert Morris University - Football
"I can't express enough how well FSQ has prepared me for my career as a college athlete. I was in my first college workout as I noticed how easy it was for me, but not so easy for the other guys I was working out with. I felt like I was ahead of the game. I felt that way because of the great baseball specific workouts that Chris and Tim had been putting me through. Not only did they put me through the workouts, they showed me how to work out the right way and how to keep myself healthy in the gym and on the field. I have learned so much from going to FSQ and I love being there. I couldn't ask for better trainers who truly care like they do."
Reno Rainey, Miami Dade College - Baseball 
"I was in the very first class when FSQ started training athletes. I could tell they were different from your typical trainers.  They give full attention to every one of their athletes, no matter the athlete's ability. They get to know everybody personally and do a great job marketing their athletes' success. Most importantly, the results from their workouts are evident. They get you prepared physically for your sport, while keeping injury prevention as a priority. I am glad to consider myself an FSQ Athlete."
Brett Laffoon, Grove City College - Football
"Training at FSQ has been fundamental in my development as an athlete over the years. FSQ has helped me develop strength, explosiveness, and great technique in the weight room and on the field. They have helped me significantly through every stage of the training process from middle school, to high school, and now through college. Any successes that i have had as an athlete can be credited to FSQ. I wouldn't want to train anywhere else! "
Dom Coconcelli, University of Dayton - Baseball
"FSQ has made a huge impact on my football career. The work Tim, Chris, and Mr. Cortazzo put their athletes through has helped me mentally and physically on the field. FSQ helped me gain weight and strength all while getting faster and more agile. Tim has done a great job of creating the type of environment that makes you want to be in the facility and getting better. I can't thank FSQ enough for the impact they have made on me."
Eric Trenz, Denison University - Football
"I have been involved with FSQ since 8th grade and I know there is no better place to train. They are the best! When you are done with your workout for the day, you will feel stronger and faster than when you walked in. For the athletes that go to FSQ on a weekly basis, they are getting professional help from a great group of coaches who really know what they are talking about. They are always pushing you to be a better version of yourself. Training at FSQ will take your game to another level. With their help, I have gained strength, speed, and acquired mental toughness that I would not have gotten anywhere else. FSQ is as legit as it gets! If you want to be the best, I highly recommend training there."
Chris Common, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg - Baseball
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